“Introspection,” a new album by Moncef!

Today marks the release of Moncef Genoud’s new album titled “Introspection” in digital format. While the pandemic was paralyzing the music world, Moncef didn’t remain idle. At his chalet in the Swiss Alps, he carried out an “introspection” over this time period where daily life was seemingly interrupted. In September 2022 he celebrated his return to the stage with a solo concert part of the famed Crans-Montana Classics. The album that resulted is the fruit of a deep, intimate reflection on his Covid years. More than ever, Moncef is eager to share his inner world, both intense and melancholic, with his listeners. He remains truthful to his ability to combine his own creations with rearrangements of classic songs. He brilliantly succeeds in this endeavor simply because he doesn’t try to transform or reinterpret these original works. Instead, he shares the emotions and perceptions to which they give rise within him, like a prism decomposes light that goes through it into a spectrum of colors. Following Crans-Montana, Moncef captivated live audiences in Monaco and Geneva with the content of this new record. You can check out snippets of it on the “Music” section of this site and download or stream the full album on all your favorite platforms. Happy listening!

“Return To Gorée” opens today in Switzerland

After a breathtaking performance in front of a sold-out crowd that included ClaudeNobs and Quincy Jones at the opening of the 41st Montreux Jazz Festival on July 6 and followed by his North Sea Jazz escapades, Moncef continues to ride the Return To Gorée wave as the film opens today in several major Swiss cities. You can now visit the project’s official website at www.retouragoree.comand keep posted on the latest news and events around the documentary that touches everyone who gets a chance to see it.